Santa Clara County is creating an Active Transportation Plan! The Plan will focus on improving walking, bicycling, and rolling (i.e., wheeled mobility devices used by people with disabilities, strollers, scooters, skateboards, etc.) in the unincorporated areas of the County. This Plan is being developed to:

  • Improve Public Safety: Provide safer and comfortable environment for non-motorized users on County roads
  • Provide a Consistent Active Transportation Network: Consistency biking/walking/rolling facility along the roadway facilities for the benefit of both active transportation users and motorists, to the extent possible
  • Increase Mobility: Encourage walking, bicycling, and rolling while providing a smoother environment for transferring to/from other modes and destinations
  • Benefit Public and Environmental Health: Provide a healthy, safe, and convenient transportation experience that encourages regular physical activity especially among vulnerable or underserved populations, to the extent possible

Feedback and input from the community will guide the development of the Plan. Please share your experiences, challenges, and vision for walking, biking, and rolling with us.

At the end of the project, the Plan will have a list of prioritized improvements and supporting programs to help improve Active Transportation in Santa Clara County. 

Project Timeline

Project phases

Phase 1:
Existing Conditions
and Network Analysis
April 2021 – December
Phase 2:
Development and Prioritization
of Recommendations
January 2021 – May
Phase 3:
Draft Plan
September – December 2021
Phase 4:
Final Plan
September – December 2021

Project Events

Project Website
Public Input Map
Recommendations Public Input Map
Community Stakeholder Meetings
Community Workshops
Community Workshops
Draft Plan
Final Plan

Tell us where you walk, bike, and roll around the County. Also let us know of any safety or connectivity concerns you may have when walking, biking, or rolling along unincorporated areas of the county. Click here if you are using a screen reader to access this site or have trouble accessing the interactive maps. To learn how to comment on the map, click here.


We need your input! Throughout the development of this plan, the County will be hosting various events where you can share your feedback and provide ideas about walking, biking or rolling in Santa Clara County.

Check the list of upcoming events below for details. If you provide your email address using the Contact Us form below, you will be notified about future events. 

Your participation will help shape the future of walking, biking, and rolling in unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County.

Upcoming Events

Please check back for information about upcoming events to offer input about how we can improve walking, bicycling, and rolling in Santa Clara County.

No events here yet!

Past Events

Prior Plan events will be listed here.

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Project staff will update this site regularly with materials. This section may include recordings of virtual meetings, meeting summaries, reports, and other items. We will look to you, the community, to provide input and comments throughout this process to ensure the Active Transportation Plan reflects your needs and desires.

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